Creativity is essential because we’re human!


Circle By Hand’s Mission is to provide help in learning life skills fine art skills through creativity for any age, skill level, experience, or background. Whether it’s learning skills-building disciplines of fine art and design, other creative skills, or learning through creative activities how to cope with stresses in your life, raise self-esteem, become less isolated, communicate better and achieve things in your life that you have always wanted to achieve but feel held-back, Circle By Hand aims to help you accomplish these by teaching you the techniques through professional art programming. Circle By Hand’s Mission is to advocate for the safe and responsible delivery of creative arts services by qualified professionals with advanced training in understanding the value of fine art making for enhancing skills and promoting psychological, emotional, and physical well-being. Circle By Hand advocates for diverse creative programming and professional services as well as being a safe place, that embraces diversity, and inclusivity. Please join the conversation at or

Circle By Hand was created as a place where people can come and be immersed in a care-free creative process regardless of age, background, skill level or previous experience. Yet, it’s more than just this. It’s about learning, creating and living. Sometimes with the hustle and bustle and stresses in our lives, we repeat unhealthy patterns, in thoughts and in actions and even with in-action because we aren’t coping as well as we’d like. These patterns can develop over time into an unhealthy view of the world, yourself, and those around you. Circle By Hand can help by teaching techniques while having fun on how to re-wire those habits into a more positive, healthy, logical and emotionally productive outcome. And it’s just down-right a whole lot of FUN!


Marcia Tavernese, MFA (Master of Fine Arts), ATLC, NLPP

Marcia Tavernese in addition to being the president of Circle By Hand, is a professional international artist, Creative Director and professor. Aside from operating and teaching at Circle By Hand, Marcia is currently a fine arts instructor with the Dundas Valley School of Art. Marcia has exhibited and taught students internationally from ages of 4-84 and skill levels from pre-school to Masters level since 1997. She received her BFA (Honours) from University of Windsor, her MFA from Southern Illinois University, Art Therapy Life Coach Certification from Transformational Arts College and her NLP Practitioner Certification from The Modern Academy of Applied Psychology.

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Marcia Tavernese at Circle By Hand with super pug Disco

Marcia Tavernese at Circle By Hand with super pug Disco