Art Therapy Life Coaching

Art Therapy Life Coaching is intended for adults and youth (18+) individual or group holistic sessions on how to train your brain to think better for you and your day-to-day life. You will learn techniques while engaged in a creative process. Through the use of visuals and the use of artistic materials we explore more productive, solution-oriented visions for our lives and how we navigate in our day-to-day routine in order to promote healthier living: mentally, psychologically, and physically. And aside from all of this, it is a tremendous amount of fun!

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safe, accessible, strength-based & empowering

Art Therapy Life Coaching is a safe & confidential space that is accessible regardless of age, ability, experience or background. The practice of Art Therapy Life Coaching is a creative means of expression that can be powerful in making life changes, feeling a sense of gaining control of our lives, and enhancing a life-affirming attitude for living a balanced & healthy life. Clients learn that they are the key to learning techniques more naturally than perhaps anticipated by making changes that easily tap into clients strengths in order to see clearer choices, possible roadblocks and a more positive continued path. All of this reduces stress and anxiety and frees oneself for a calmer and better management of how to deal with life whether in the best and most difficult of times.

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mindful, practical, Strengthening & tangible

By learning creative techniques with awareness through using the senses, and mindful thought & energy, clients can develop a personal dialogue to reach a deeper understanding oneself and those around them. Clients will gain confidence, improve self-esteem, a sense of achievement, further develop communication and social skills as well as taking charge in daily problem solving and even improve motor skills. Projects provide powerful tangible and mental reminders of the personal journey and the progress from past to present personal growth and achievements.

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playful, expressive, positive & supportive

Playful, enjoyable fun in exploring materials, the creative process and using mindfulness through the senses. Art Therapy Life Coaching explores how to be more playful, enjoy the world around us, and be more mindful of our attitudes, perceptions, and our behaviours as a result. By being playful, we learn to positively express our feelings, release energy and communicate more effectively. Humans need to know that they are worthy and valued, know that they are deserved of love and know that our feelings and thoughts hold truth. Art Therapy Life Coaching allows you to feel validated and gives tremendous support so that you do not feel alone and isolated, especially if you’re dealing with overwhelming feelings and anxiety. You can do this!