Neuro-Linguistics Art Programming

Neuro-Linguistics Programming is a fancy way of saying how we think (neuro), how we perceive the world around us, what we tell ourselves (the language we use aka linguistics) about that perception, and how we behave (programming) as a result. The interplay between our minds, our language to ourselves and others, and how it affects our minds, our body and our behaviour means you are human, but it’s not always serving us to be the best and live the best life we can live.

By working with powerful visual elements and the creative process while using techniques of Neuro-Linguistics Programming, you can learn how to rewire thinking patterns, have better understanding of how the brain may perceive ourselves and the outside world, communicate more effectively, eliminate inhibitions and roadblocks, and improve your personal and business relationships.

NLP is a multi-dimensional process that involves the development of behavioral competence and flexibility, but also involves strategic thinking and an understanding of the mental and cognitive processes behind unbalanced thoughts and unproductive, limiting behaviour.

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Our brains run and function on neurons and nerve cells that are electrically excited. The wiring or electrical excitement between individual neurons in your brain, your "connectome", determines the flow of brain activity, which ultimately produces all your perceptions, emotions, conscious thoughts, memories and behaviour. In NLP we use this premise and examine how you seem to be responding in your day-to-day habits, thoughts, perceptions, awareness and emotional responses.

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Linguistics is the internal structure of the brain as it relates to language production and comprehension. From here we use an internal language about how we perceive our world, what we tell ourselves consciously and subconsciously about our perceptions and how we communicate verbally or through body language about our perceptions to others.

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Art programming

Through discussion and creative processes, we examine the present state of how you view aspects of the world and the behavioural patterns as a result of those perceptions. We then look at positive models of a desired state or goal, the potential gaps between the present state and reaching those goals, needed resources as well as consequences and how they affect aspects of your personal and professional relationships. Here we use techniques in developing a plan through discussion and creative visuals. We "step into the future" and represent what it is like having already achieved the desired outcome and apply these techniques for future problem solving.